Quality, Affordable & Fun Capoeira Training in Concord

All levels welcome, drop-in at any time!

Class times: Every Wednesday (6-7pm), Saturday (12-2pm)

Location: Concord UFC Gym, 1975 Diamond Blvd, Concord, CA

Contact information: (925) 408-6052

About the instructor:

Eugene King (Professor Espantalho) was born in San Francisco and raised in Mexico. He returned to San Francisco in 1994 when he began training with Mestre Preguiça. He began teaching capoeira in 1996, and has traveled the world for capoeira to locations including Mexico, Canada, and Brazil. In addition to Concord, Espantalho also teaches in San Francisco at Symbolic Dance Studio. For work, Espantalho teaches physical education and dance for the Mount Diablo Unified School district. For fun, he enjoys dancing, making capoeira instruments, and spending time with his daughter.

Eugene Berimbau